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Reckless driving an issue that needs to be addressed

This marks our second editorial about the poor quality driving in the area, as we have heard a number of Thorold residents around Pine Street repeatedly shed concerns about speedy and reckless drivers in the area. Residents need to be reminded that the area in which drivers are seen speeding on a daily basis is around Prince of Wales School. While there might be a crossing guard patrolling the area at the time children walk to and from school, drivers need to be cautious of children, and pedestrians of all ages, at all times. Councillor Sergio Paone brought this issue to council at its last meeting, stating that he too has heard numerous concerns about reckless driving, but along Chapel Street in between Vine and Albert streets. Residents, who have concerns, are now being asked to contact the city's engineering department, where they can request a traffic calming study be carried out. This issue has come to the forefront, namely because the area where speeding is occurring is where a number of the city's residents live. We are urging people to pay more attention to vehicle safety, as pedestrians and other drivers can be easily hurt. Residents have also seen, on several occasions, that properties can be damaged by such driving as well. If you are concerned, as was mentioned at council's meeting, call the City of Thorold, so fast and reckless driving can be an issue that gets addressed sooner rather than later.

Carolyn Goard


by Skip Gillham WILCOX continues to rot away on Anticosti Island.

WILCOX ashore 58 years on Anticosti Island

The WILCOX, a passenger and freight carrier on the St. Lawrence, had originally been a World War Two Llewellyn Class minesweeper. It had been built as H.M.C.S. COQUITLAM at Nanaimo, BC in 1944 and was rebuilt for commercial service as WILCOX in 1946. The ship operated between Montreal and Anticosti Island, via Rimouski, with passengers and freight but got blown aground at Potatoe Bay, on the north coast of Anticosti near Carleton Point, on June 27, 1954. By

Your kids don't want you to fix everything for them

Oy ... my kids.. they have such long memories. My grandchild, Delilah, was entered in a baby contest. I knew from the start she was going to win. She was the prettiest, cutest baby in the room. She was well behaved, thoughtful and smiled a lot. How could she not win? (These observations are from a completely unbiased journalists by the way!) So you can imagine my surprise when she didn't win. Who would have thunk it possible? My daughter and son-inlaw took it all in stride, of course. Maybe next year. I think it's fixed, I told them. I'm going to go and talk to the

Tom Wilkinson

Write Here judges. I was joking, okay? I wasn't really going to go and talk to the judges. Well, maybe not. But I saw that look of fear and remembrance in my daughter's eyes. The fear was for the bullin-a-china shop sort of trouble she knew her father was capable of. The remembrance was of all the times he'd done it in the past. I'm probably a quintessential Type A personality, if you know what that is. Type Bs are mellow and laid back. They probably drink decaffeinated coffee. Type As, mmm ... we're the opposite of Type B, if you can think about that. So one of my shortcomings, and I can now admit it is a shortcoming, is my tendency over the years to try to fix things when my kids brought their issues to me. I think it started as far back as when one of my daughters was in Grade One. She came home in tears one day and when we asked why, she said that little Johnny, who sat behind her, had been pulling her hair. Easy fix. Did you tell the teach? I asked my daugh- ter. She had, with no result. At this point, Type As have a tendency to head straight to the school and start their bull-in-a-china shop act. When I met her teacher after her school, she had her coffee. It smelled like it was decaffeinated. I asked if she knew about little Johnny's criminal antics. She had and she said she was hoping the two of them would be able to work it out on their own. I told the teacher that when children of my era had acted that way, they got the yard stick across the hand. She told me how much she appreciated my input, but things were different now. So I mentioned I might counsel my daughter to hit little Johnny in the nose with the biggest book she could hold. For some reason, although the teacher (who was a very nice person) thought it was okay for little Johhny to yank on my daughter's hair, me instructing my daughter to inflict violence upon little Johnny's schnozzola seemed like a bad thing. The next day, the teacher had to tell my daughter that despite, what dad said, little Johnny's schnozzola was sacred ground, not to be injured. This began a long, dark history of me meddling in the problems of my children, until it came to the point where they would not 1997, much of the interior had collapsed and there was a hole in the port side. The ship continues to rot away on location. Photo: Anticosti 1997 - Hubert Hall Note: Various marine history books by Skip Gillham are available locally at Henderson's Pharmacy as well as The Inn at Lock Seven in Thorold. tell me their problems anymore. Finally, I began to get it that they just wanted me to listen to them and let them handle their own issues. I realize that wanting to solve the problems of others is a human thing to do. I know when I vent about a problem, people around me are full of well meaning solutions on how to fix. But most of the time, people just need someone to listen. My daughter reminded me of this important lesson at the baby contest. You can leave feedback for Tom at tom.wilkinson@sunmedia.ca or twitter @tomwilkinson57

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